9 Common Questions About Hotel Passport Scanners and ID Scanners

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Your Passport Scanner & ID Scanner Questions Answered

Utilizing a passport scanner and ID scanner has become an increasingly important tool in the hospitality industry, revolutionizing how hotels verify guest identities and enhance security measures.

As these scanners become more prevalent, it's natural for questions to arise regarding their functionality, benefits, and impact on the guest experience.

In this blog post, we will address nine common questions about hotel passport and ID scanners, providing insightful answers to help you better understand their purpose, operation, and advantages to the hotel industry.

Whether you're a hotel owner, manager, or simply curious about this technology, read on to understand these innovative devices and their role in ensuring a secure and efficient guest experience.

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To help you make the right decision, here are the answers to some of the top questions being asked about this technology.

1. What are Hotel Passport Scanners and ID Scanners?

An ID scanner, also known as an ID card scanner or ID reader, is a device used to electronically scan and read the information encoded on various types of identification documents, they fill in the Property Management System fields that are relevant (name, address, ID #, ID State, Birthdate, Expiration date etc.), if there is a field for it.

These scanners are commonly used in hospitality. Other industries using ID scanners include retail, banking, and security.

The purpose is to quickly and accurately verify the identity and age of individuals.

ID scanners can read information from different forms of identification, including driver's licenses, passports, and other ID cards.

The data from the ID is then saved either in the PMS, or in a folder TTI creates in your hard drive, shared drive or server.  The IDs are saved as a jpg file that is only 8kb to 15kb. Note: The data is always saved in the PMS, only the picture of the ID may be saved in a folder that TTI creates in the hard drive, shared drive or server.

2. How Do Hotel Passport Scanners and ID Scanners Work?

Hotel passport and ID scanners work by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology that has templates for IDs from all over the world to read the information contained in a passport or ID card. The scanned data matches the ID with the template to determine what the fields are on the ID. 

TTI Scan2PMS Software then translates and maps those fields to the relevant fields in the PMS.

Here's a general overview of how they work:

  • Document Placement: The user places the passport or ID card on the scanning surface of the device. Some scanners may have specific slots or trays designed to hold the document in the correct position.
  • Image Capture: The scanner captures a high-resolution image of the document. This image may include the personal details page of the passport or the front and back of an ID card.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): The scanned image is processed using OCR technology, which analyzes the text and characters on the document and converts them into digital data.
  • Data Extraction: The OCR software extracts specific data fields from the scanned image, such as the person's name, date of birth, passport/ID number, and expiration date. The software may also extract additional information depending on the document type.
  • Record Keeping: The scanned data is typically stored securely in a database for future reference. This allows the hotel or establishment to maintain a record of guest information and comply with legal requirements.

It's worth noting that the specific functionality and features of hotel passport and ID scanners may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Some scanners may also offer additional capabilities, such as barcode scanning.

3. What is the Importance of Hotel ID Scanner?

Hotel ID scanners are important for several reasons:

  • Compliance with Regulations: Hotels are required to check ID's by law. Many hotels used to photocopy IDs to prove that they checked them. Scanning IDs is safer for storage of the IDs and allows the hotel to be able to prove that they checked the ID. This is important if the police ask and more so for addressing chargebacks since having a copy of the ID and the POS information on the ID used proves that the hotel checked the ID and the name should match the credit card.
  • Enhanced Security: Hotel ID scanners help improve security by verifying the authenticity of identification documents. They can detect forged or altered IDs, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to hotel premises or services.
  • Streamlined Check-In Process: ID scanners speed up the check-in process by automating the data entry of guest information. Instead of manually typing in personal details, the scanner extracts the information from the ID document, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Age Verification: Many hotels require a person be 21 to register.
  • Accurate Guest Records: By scanning and storing guest information, hotels can maintain accurate records of guest stays and comply with regulatory requirements. This information can be useful for accounting, marketing, loyalty programs, and resolving any disputes that may arise.
  • Fraud Prevention: ID scanners help prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or reservation scams. By verifying the identity and matching it with the reservation details, hotels can mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions and protect their guests' information.
  • Guest Safety: The use of ID scanners can contribute to guest safety by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to hotel facilities. It helps maintain a secure environment and provides peace of mind for guests. Often they are used for lost room keys to allow hotel to identify the registered guest without going to their room to look at an ID. 

Overall, hotel ID scanners provide a range of benefits, including enhanced security, streamlined processes, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance. They help hotels and establishments maintain a safe and efficient operation while safeguarding guest information and improving the overall guest experience.

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4. Are Passport and ID Scanners Easy to Use?

Yes. Hotel passport and ID scanners are designed to be user-friendly and relatively easy to use.

Scanning typically involves opening the guest reservation or a walk-in screen, putting the cursor in the first field and placing the ID on the Scanner.

In some cases the scanner will then automatically scan or require the clerk to hit a button or an Fkey to start the scan. Training takes minutes.

Here are some factors that contribute to their ease of use:

  • Intuitive Interface: Most ID scanners feature a user-friendly interface with clear instructions and prompts. They often have graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that guide the user through the scanning process, making it easy to understand and follow the necessary steps.
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality: Many ID scanners are designed for plug-and-play operation, meaning they can be easily connected to a computer or integrated into existing hotel systems without requiring complex installation or technical expertise.
  • Automated Scanning: The scanning process is typically automated, meaning that once the document is correctly placed on the scanning surface, the device will capture the image and process it automatically. There is usually no need for manual adjustments or configurations.
  • Quick Data Extraction: ID scanners employ advanced OCR technology to extract the relevant information from the scanned document swiftly. The extracted data is usually presented in a structured format, making it easy to review and verify.
  • Error Detection and Alerts: Hotel ID scanners often include error detection mechanisms to identify potential issues with scanned documents, such as expired IDs or mismatched data. When an error is detected, the scanner may display an alert or warning message to prompt further action.
  • Training and Support: Manufacturers of ID scanners typically provide user manuals, documentation, and customer support to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during the usage of the device. This support can help users quickly resolve any difficulties they encounter.

While individual devices may have slight variations in their user interfaces and features, the overall goal of hotel passport and ID scanners is to simplify the identification verification process and minimize the learning curve for users.

With intuitive interfaces, automated scanning, and error detection mechanisms, these scanners are designed to be accessible and straightforward for hotel staff to operate.

5. What Security Benefits Do Hotel Passport and ID Scanners Provide?

Overall, hotel passport and ID scanners enhance security by preventing identity fraud, detecting fake documents, verifying age restrictions, and promoting a safe environment for guests. By implementing these scanners, hotels can strengthen their security measures and protect the interests of both guests and the establishment itself.

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6. What are the Benefits of Installing Hotel Passport and ID Scanners?

The advantages of installing hotel passport and ID scanners are numerous. 

The system enables management to verify that their staff is checking IDs, assists hotels in dealing with chargebacks, and provides valuable marketing data by eliminating errors in spellings, addresses, and birthdates.

Additionally, it accelerates the check-in process because the staff doesn't have to type all the necessary information.

7. Where is the Scanned Data Stored?

The storage of scanned data from hotel passport and ID scanners depends on the specific implementation and setup of the system.

In some Property Management Systems it is stored in the Guest profile in the PMS. In others that do not store the ID, TTI creates a folder in the shared drive, hard drive or server and save the ID there. In many cases when storing that way, there is a program offer that allows the front desk staff to find the ID by entering the Name, ID number or even Date. 

8. How Many Types of ID Scanners are There?

Various types of ID scanners are available - but not all use the best OCR like TTI Technologies - each designed for specific purposes and catering to different industries and requirements. Here are some common types of ID scanners:

  • Handheld ID Scanners: These portable scanners are compact and can be held in hand. They are commonly used in environments where mobility is essential, such as in bars, clubs, or event venues. Handheld scanners often have built-in displays and are capable of reading and verifying different types of IDs, including driver's licenses and ID cards.
  • Desktop ID Scanners: Desktop scanners are larger devices typically designed for stationary use. They are often placed on a counter or desk and can be connected to a computer or integrated into existing systems. Desktop scanners offer advanced scanning capabilities, such as high-resolution image capture and advanced OCR technology.

TTI Technologies is proud to offer an extensive range of hotel passport and ID scanners to suit any budget and application. We sell Desko Scanner, Assure Scanner (Driver’s licenses only) and we can support most Gemalto/Thales Scanners. There are other scanners that can scan up to whole pages but tend to be mechanical and break easier.  There are also Scanners that can only scan the bar code and do not save a picture of the ID,

ID scanners' specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. It's important to consider the requirements of your specific application and industry when selecting an ID scanner.

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9. Which Company Provides the Best Hotel Passport and ID Scanners and Support?

When looking for a hotel passport and ID scanner, it's advisable to consider factors such as the specific needs of your hotel, budget, desired features, customer reviews, and after-sales support. Conducting research, reading customer testimonials, and comparing different vendors can help you make an informed decision based on your unique requirements.

Here at TTI Technologies, we offer some of the market's highest-rated passport and ID scanners. 

The devices we offer are known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Plus, we pride ourselves on providing unbeatable customer service and quick response times to all queries.

You can trust TTI Technologies to provide you with a secure system that will meet your needs.

Taking advantage of hotel passport and ID scanners is a great way to enhance security while streamlining guest check-in processes at your property. With these answers in mind, you can make an informed decision about how best to keep your guests safe while enjoying the convenience offered by this technology.

Ready to upgrade your properties scanning solution? Let’s connect. 

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