Exploring Misconceptions About Mobile Cloud Printing in Hotels

The hotel industry is always looking for ways to improve customer experience and enhance the guest experience.

One of those potential solutions is Mobile Cloud Printing.

Mobile Cloud Printing enables guests to print documents from any device to a designated printer on-property without being physically connected.

As more hotel guests travel with their laptops and mobile devices, having access to reliable and secure mobile printing is a necessary hotel service.

mobile cloud printing misconceptions

Mobile Cloud Printing Misconceptions

Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions that can be holding back hotels from taking full advantage of the technology.

Here are some of the most common misunderstandings about mobile printing in hotels.

Misconception 1: Guests Can Simply Print Direct 

One major misconception is that guests can print directly from their device to any wireless printer using the wireless printing app on their device.  In reality, most brands do not allow guests to see hotel devices when searching for wireless printers. The wireless devices are isolated to prevent security risks. 

That is why a Mobile Cloud Printing service is necessary to allow guests to print from their devices to your printer.

Misconception 2: Mobile Printing Is Expensive

The cost of purchasing the software needed may seem high at first glance, but when you consider the savings that can be made on paper costs, it quickly becomes apparent that these machines and their software are a great amenity for guests and also save money by reducing the workload of the front desk staff. 

Misconception 3: The Technology Isn’t Secure Enough

One of the main concerns about mobile printing is security; after all, a hotel relying on document printing needs something reliable and secure that works every time. Cloud printing is very secure because only the person sending the doc and receiving a secure code can release the documents.  The documents stay encrypted until released. 

Furthermore, the guests are not sending confidential documents to the front desk to be printed and seen by staff. 

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TTI's mobile cloud printing solution, ePRINTIt™, is a transactional pull printing model. Once a job is sent to a print provider by one of the printing client applications, the user receives a job release code. This code is valid for a limited time period and is the only requirement to print the job associated to that provider. No printed pages are left unattended at the printer. The release code only gives access to the content belonging to a single request, offering the most secure solution available.

Guests' documents are 100% secure! Why is that important to you?

• Peace of mind knowing documents are safe and secure

• Savings on materials by offering a preview before printing and only print selected documents

• Guests can print boarding passes, maps, directions, and other important documents

cloud printing | tti technologies

We are proud to partner with hundreds of properties around the world. Guests rely on our solution to print their documents for work, education, travel, meetings, and more from any device to any designated printer at the hotel business center, hallways, executive rooms and lounges, or front desk.

  • Save money on toner & paper
  • Branded for your hotel
  • 256-bit encryption for security
  • Easy access. No password required
  • Safety and Security

The bottom line is that mobile printing is here to stay, and it’s becoming increasingly important for hoteliers to understand the various misconceptions associated with it. By investing in the right mobile printing solution, hoteliers can enjoy a cost-effective and secure way to ensure that all guests have access to the documents they need. TTI Mobile Printing is the perfect choice for hotels that are looking to provide guests with a secure and efficient mobile printing experience. With its robust security features, reliable connection, and affordable price point, it’s an option that should be at the top of any hotelier's list. TTI’s Mobile Printing can be used with their Business Centers or as a stand-alone station.

Reach out to find out how TTI's Mobile Printing Solution can help your business!

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