Our team is committed to your success, this is why thousands of hotels depend on TTI Technologies to help provides Business and Concierge Centers, Passport and ID Scanners and Mobile Cloud Printing. We want to ensure you have every resource provided to help your guests through self-service applications. 

In the TTI Video Library, you'll find tips, tricks, and resources to help hospitality owners and managers run more efficiently. If there is a video you'd like us to share, please reach out to us here

The Evolution of Hotel Business Centers

<6 minutes
The future of hotel guest service centers is bright. Founder and CEO, Steve Blidner shares his insight. 

What it Means to Be Family-Owned in Hospitality Technology

<2 minutes
Get to Know TTI Technologies

Technology: A Transformation for Hospitality

<2 minutes
Hospitality technology solutions can make tasks more manageable, more efficient and keep costs down.

Why TTI Premier? Your Hotel Business Center Enhanced

<1 minutes
Renewed purpose and added value to the hotel business center

Introducing Juanita Andrade

7 minutes
Meet Juanita, our Executive Sales Assistant! Learn more about how she got started and where she is today with TTI Technologies.

Is your hotel’s business center agreement a trap?

<2 minutes
Learn what you should be aware of before signing a business center agreement. (Don't get caught in a trap!)

Why a hotel's business center is key to today's business traveler.

<2 minutes
Choosing business center equipment is an important decision for any hotel. It's a key amenity for today's travelers. 

Could Your Hotel Business Center Be Compromised?

<2 minutes
Hotel business center computers are susceptible to security threats, urging hotel owners and managers to prioritize security. Learn more here.

TTI with ePRINTit at Hotels

<2 minutes
Ever wanted to print business documents while traveling? How about airline tickets? No App or Membership required, click to learn more.

TTI Opera Interface Demo

<2 minutes
Scan2PMS Software Opera Interface Demo. For more information regarding our ID/Passport Scanning Solutions, please contact us at or by calling us at 1-888-692-4262 ext 3.

Scan2PMS Demo Video for Choice Hotels

<2 minutes
Scan2PMS demo for hotels.
Here are some of the benefits of using our Scan2PMS ID/Passport Scanners and software

How to Choose the Right ID Scanner

<1 minutes
Choosing the right ID scanner for your hotel is an important decision that can help create a safe and secure environment for your guests and staff. 


<1 minute
SKYTOUCH Demo with TTI Technologies. See how it works. 

Need Hotel Staff: Consider Hotel Tech Instead

<2 minutes
When labor is in short supply and operational costs are rising, leveraging technology can be a game-changer.

Scan2PMS with ICON Scanner Autoclerk

<1 minute
Scan2PMS with ICON Scanner Autoclerk. See how it works. 

Scan2PMS with QS2000 Scanner Autoclerk

<2 minutes
Scan2PMS with QS2000 Scanner Autoclerk. See how it works.

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