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Features and Benefits

After over a decade of operating within the hospitality industry, TTI has designed the newest version of our managed hotel business center software solutions and lobby computers to fit the growing needs of your property. 

Combining the familiar desktop atmosphere, a new look, and the tools to provide concierge services - including ICON, our Interactive Lobby Concierge -  and advertising revenue, TTI has placed the power in your hands.

TTI Technologies is a Marriott and IHG-approved vendor and can meet the brand requirements for virtually all major brands, including independent hotels.

See our partners page for a sample of some of the hotel brands we work with.

VIP Support

No more waiting for someone to respond on their timeline.

Fast Installation

Reducing the wait time from weeks to days.

Flat Rate Pricing

No bait and switch tactics with a simple one-page agreement.

Managed Computer Options

TTI Technologies offers state of the art solutions for your hotel Business Center with the flexibility to have either PC, MAC or tablet to meet your property’s needs.

PC Solutions

TTI offers All-in-One computers at near cost with 3-year warranties by top manufacturers like Dell™ and HP™. We can also work with existing computers if they meet our requirements to provide an excellent experience for your guest. Our Customized Security software provides an “At Home Experience” your guests will love.

Mac Solutions

TTI's beautiful, customized security software looks great on the Mac™ computers that we sell at near cost with 3-year warranties. Apple does require you to bring the computer to their store for warranty purposes. We include a wired mouse and keyboard with Macs purchased from us.

Tablet Solutions

Hotels are adding tablets to club lounges, concierge areas and lobbies to provide easy access for guests to email, boarding passes, maps, and activities. Our Mobile Printing system can be used with a tablet mounted next to your printer.  TTI supports Windows tablets by Microsoft such as Surface Pro™ and Surface Go™ and others like the Fusion™ Tablet. We also offer a display solution which can be mounted anywhere.

Are you aware that you can monitor your usage, utilize the terminal for concierge services, and restrict access?


Rest easy safety and security

Of course, while the look of the hotel business center is important, the most important aspect in design for us is that it works. Underneath all the new bells and whistles is the same secure and easy to use software that we have been developing for over a decade. Once a session starts, the user will be treated to a normal desktop (Windows, Mac, or Both!) that they are familiar with, all backed by our 24/7 live technical support, remote monitoring, and proactive maintenance.

All solutions are tested to ensure a secure environment. See more about security compliance here . Rest assured we aim for 100% security with:


All information is eliminated after your guest signs out or the session ends.


Compliant with all the latest security requirements.


Web filtering and virus protection.


Denies access to inappropriate sites.

Support and Warranty

Rest easy. TTI has your back. TTI sells hardware with 3-year manufacturer’s warranties and works with the manufacturers to quickly identify and correct any problems. TTI proactively monitors the computers around the clock to let your staff know if the computers are offline or if they see any problems that the property should be aware of before the guest notices. 

TTI does not charge extra to support printers for the business center, lobby tablets or boarding pass stations.

Additional Hotel Business Center Features and Add-Ons

In addition to our regular platform, we can customize our software and provide options to suit your guests needs.

Boarding Pass Printing

TTI Boarding pass software includes access to all airlines and provides flight info for your individual flights. Easily available through our quick links at no additional charge.

Mobile Printing Solutions

A cloud-based printing solution that makes it easy to print in a PDF encrypted method, so your guest has peace of mind that their documents are secure. Easing the burden on your front desk staff.

Hardware Printer Options

We offer many top-of-the-line HP laser printers with different features to suit your property’s needs. Complete with a 3-year warranty. We can utilize your existing printer if necessary.

Our Testimonials

  • I have utilized TTI for many years in a number of different properties, including the current property I am managing. They have proven to be a great resource for our IT needs, and their responsiveness has always been excellent. Their recommendations for products and software have been beneficial and they are on my current Brands list of approved Vendors. I highly recommend TTI!

    Ed Staniszewski

    General Manager, Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel
  • I have worked with TTI across several hotels for about the past 10 years. In this day and age it is rare to encounter a partner more responsive and more driven than TTI. From the sales process through installation and set-up to support, they simply can't be beat. There is a BIG difference between a partner and a vendor. TTI is among the best partners we have!

    Michael Baier

    Managing Director, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Downtown Soma
  • A few years ago, we were searching for a partner to implement business center and concierge software for several of our locations. After researching various companies, we chose
    TTI is based on its stellar reputation. Their ability to support our needs has been excellent, which has enabled both companies to engage in new opportunities. Their reactivity and ability to develop new features for us have been key as well. They are great to work with, and we highly recommend them.

    Vincent Jouan

    VP EMEA, WiFirst
  • Our partnership with TTI and Steve is more than 15 years old. We have partnered with TTI for ID/Passport scanning solutions in the Middle Eastern region. Over the last 15 years, I have never spoken to Steve, Alex, or his team for an escalation or a support need. The solutions just work seamlessly with our products. The TTI team is very flexible for support or installation at any time. Wishing the team at TTI the very best.

    Binu Mathews

    Chief Executive Officer, idsnext
  • We partnered with TTI to help us solve our problem with our “Guest Use” computers and Lobby Tablets. TTI has handled all our needs and wants with ease and professionalism, which carried onto their excellent support. TTI Support notifies of any issues well before any guests are affected and can get them resolved quickly. TTI has been very flexible with the way we want the devices set up and worked with us to get just the right look and feel that works perfectly for our properties. TTI is a great partner, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great technology company in their offering.

    Ryan Doi

    Corporate Director of Information Systems, Prince Resorts Hawaii
  • We have had the good fortune to partner with TTI for many years, integrating their ID scanners into our Maestro property management system. We and our clients have been impressed with the high level of service and support provided by Steve and his team, and the competitive value TTI offers in their products and services. I highly recommend TTI for those properties looking for a professional and effective partner.

    Warren Dehan

    President, Maestro PMS
  • Very Impressed We have been searching for a passport/driver’s license scanner for some time. Based on our existing relationship with TTI for our automated business center, we gave TTI’s Scan2PMS solution a try. We were very impressed with the ease of operation and functionality. The installation was performed in a timely manner without interrupting the front desk personnel. We have since installed Scan2PMS in two other hotels and will add the scanners to the rest of our properties in the near future.

    Glenn Isaacs

    Vice President, Empire Hotel Group
  • Initially we purchased ID/Passport scanners to add a layer of protection against fraudulent activity. Having the ID scanned into our system helps to verify identities and reduces exposure with respect to credit card disputes. Now that we have them installed, we are equally impressed with the efficiency they create during the check-in process and the ease of data collection to enhance our marketing database.

    Rob Robinson

    Executive Vice President, Springboard Hospitality

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