Hotel Business Centers: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers About Hotel Business Centers

In an era where smartphones reign supreme and digital nomadism is the new norm, advocating for the importance of a hotel business center might seem counterintuitive. 

Yet, as we dive into the nitty-gritty of hotel management and IT concerns, it becomes clear that these spaces offer more than meets the eye. They will become especially valuable for staff and guests alike as software evolves to meet changing needs.

Here at TTI Technologies, we've gathered the most common questions and objections from hotel managers and IT departments to shed light on their enduring value.

What is a hotel business center?

First things first, if you're asking yourself "what is a hotel business center?" let us quickly explain.

A hotel business center, also called a hotel lobby computer, is a designated area within a hotel that provides guests with access to office-like amenities and services.

A hotel business center typically includes:

  • Computers with internet access and standard office software for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Printing, scanning, and photocopying, allowing guests to print boarding passes, business documents, or any other necessary paperwork.
  • Though less common in the digital age, fax machines are sometimes available to send documents when required.
  • Desks or workstations providing a quiet and comfortable environment for guests to work.

Hotel business centers are designed to be a convenient solution for guests needing to conduct work, handle travel logistics, or stay connected during their travels. They offer a valuable service by allowing guests to maintain productivity without leaving the hotel.

Do hotels need guest computers?

In a word, yes. 

Beyond the practical applications mentioned, having computers available in your hotel serves as a value-added service, enhancing guest satisfaction.

A lobby computer or hotel business center can also take pressure off the front desk staff, enabling guests to manage tasks. 

It can act as a boarding pass machine, an information kiosk where guests can look up local attractions, restaurants, or directions, and even as a quick check-in/out point during peak times to alleviate front desk congestion.

Does a lobby computer encourage loitering?

This is a common concern, but the benefits outweigh the risks with proper management. 

By blocking certain sites and requiring guest logins, hotels can maintain a professional atmosphere. Staff can also set time limits during busy hours can ensure all guests have access when needed.

Does a hotel business center help reduce front desk inquiries?


By allowing guests to find information, print documents, or check in independently, business centers can significantly reduce the strain on front desk staff, leading to a more efficient and streamlined guest experience.

Can a hotel business center be profitable?

Yes, business centers can indeed be profitable. 

One way properties have been profiting from their business center is to promote special offers only available to those who use it. This can be a great way to bring in new guests and increase loyalty among your current guests, as well as encourage usage. 

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How can hotels keep their business centers secure?

Security is top priority in business centers to protect guest information. 

Here are TTI, our business center portal is a secure and easy-to-use software that we have been developing for over a decade.

All solutions are tested to ensure a secure environment. See more about security compliance here. Our portal offers 100% security with:

  • Deletion of customer files, downloads, and passwords are deleted after each use
  • All software is PCI Compliant
  • CIPA Compliant Web Filtering

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What trends are shaping the future of hotel business centers?

Emerging trends include the integration of AI for personalized guest experiences.

Additionally, adopting sustainable technologies and practices, like energy-efficient devices and digital rather than paper-based processes, is on the rise. 

Another trend is the design of multipurpose spaces that blend work, leisure, and social interaction, catering to the blurred lines between business and leisure travel.

How do business centers add to the overall value of a hotel?

Business centers contribute significantly to the overall hotel value by meeting the expectations of various guest segments, particularly business travelers and digital nomads seeking productive spaces. 

They enhance the hotel’s reputation as a versatile and accommodating establishment, potentially leading to higher guest loyalty and positive reviews. 

Additionally, well-equipped business centers can be a deciding factor for corporate events and conferences, attracting business clients and increasing overall bookings.

Far from being obsolete, these spaces enhance guest satisfaction, offer indispensable services, and, when managed effectively, contribute to the smooth operation of your hotel. 

The hotel business center remains a crucial component of modern hospitality. It will continue to do so as technology companies, like TTI Technologies, continue to evolve in response to changing guest needs and technological advancements.

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