Maximizing Revenue and Security: Strategic Insights for Hotel Business Centers

For hotel general managers and IT departments seeking to optimize their business centers.

The effective management of a hotel business center is often a surprising factor in a hotel's profitability. As a hotel general manager or IT professional, it’s crucial to grasp the nuances of business center usage to unlock its full potential.

Understanding usage includes a number of things including, assessing the number of machines, print volume, and leveraging data points like search queries. Getting dialed into usage is an essential component a hotelier will need to understand to realize the full potential of their hotel business center.

Hotel Business Center Print Usage - What to Know

Understanding usage, hoteliers can then plan for downgrades or upgrades - and even new equipment - that could impact the bottom line.

For example, if hoteliers see that a business center is being used heavily for printing, they may want to invest in a new printer with a higher speed and quality. Or may decide to add mobile printing to accommodate guests.

Alternatively, some hoteliers feel that guests using Mobile Devices may not need as many computers and may want to consider the location or number of computers. 

But first, you need to understand what's in use and what's not. 

Beyond Printing - The Right Business Center Analytics Tools Matter

The key to smart hotel business center management lies in utilizing the right analytics tools. With tools like TTI's proprietary software, managers can track usage patterns, like the most clicked links, and tailor their promotional strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach can lead to reduced reliance on front-desk staff and boost both sales and customer satisfaction.

Linking Usage to Revenue: A New Perspective in Hotel Business Center Management

By understanding how guests utilize business centers, hotels can directly tie this usage to revenue generation. This involves analyzing data to make budgetary decisions that align with guest preferences and usage trends.

Tactics such as incorporating links for local attractions, maps, mobile printing, etc., could reduce the hotel's dependence on front desk or concierge staff. When hoteliers have these tools, they can adjust their software as needed. This will increase hotel sales, and hoteliers can also expect an uptick in customer satisfaction.

With analytics that allows you to connect direct links to hotel usage, hoteliers can take those statistics and apply them to hotel budgets.

Customizing Content for Guest Engagement

TTI's portals offer managers a place to update the links, pictures, and messaging. Information such as local happenings, transportation, or even where to enjoy happy hour is viable hotel business center links that hoteliers can utilize for hotel promotion. Hotels can even time when messages will appear on the desktop. 

More Than Data - Security Should Be a Top Priority

Of course, while the look and functionality of the hotel business center are essential, the most critical aspect of design is that it works and works as securely as possible. Security is paramount in hotel business center management.

That's why TTI's portal, underneath all the new bells and whistles, is the same secure and easy-to-use software that we have been developing for over a decade.

Once a session starts, the user will be treated to a standard desktop (Windows, Mac, or Both!) that they are familiar with, all backed by 24/7 live technical support, remote monitoring, and proactive maintenance.

All solutions are tested to ensure a secure environment. See more about security compliance here. Rest assured, we aim for 100% security with:

  • Deletion of customer files, downloads, and passwords are deleted after each use
  • All software is PCI Compliant
  • CIPA Compliant Web Filtering
  • Blacklisting of inappropriate sites

Usage & Security - What to Consider When Planning Your Hotel Business Center Budget

First of all, hoteliers need to know how hotel business centers are used. As mentioned above, hotel managers can adjust hotel usage and hotel promotion according to these statistics. 

Beyond this, hoteliers need to be aware of the latest security threats and how their hotel business center solutions can combat them. Security should always be a top priority when planning your hotel's budget - after all, what good is a state-of-the-art hotel business center if your guests' data is at risk?

The hotel business center should be a hotel asset, and hoteliers can make an informed decision to invest in one, thanks to Usage and Security Analytics insights.

At TTI, we believe hotel business centers should never become a liability for hoteliers. With Usage and Security Analytics, hotel managers will have the tools they need to make more informed purchasing decisions and keep their hotel business centers up-to-date with the latest security threats.

Want more? Reach out to see how we can save and add to your hotel's bottom line.

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