Need Hotel Staff? Consider Tech Instead

The Importance of Hotel Technology Solutions

One of the silver linings of the recent pandemic-induced crisis in the hospitality sector is the accelerated adoption of hotel technology solutions. When labor is in short supply and operational costs are rising, leveraging technology can be a game-changer.

Here are some of the latest hotel technology solutions to consider.

Hotel Technology Solutions

Hotel technology is constantly evolving, and new features are introduced daily.

Properties can increase productivity and ultimately generate more revenue when partnered with the right hotel technology partner. Hoteliers seek technology to expedite guest transactions, improve operational efficiencies, and protect assets from false chargeback claims and erroneous personal identification. Create a solution that leaves your property better prepared. 

Let's explore some ideas below.

ID Scanning Solutions - Scan2PMS

TTI addresses these needs and more with Scan2PMS, which instantly captures guest data from driver’s licenses, passports, and IDs.

Scan2PMS is a customized application that utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture relevant ID data and populate it into appropriate fields. Scan2PMS can easily be integrated with third-party applications, including most Property Management Systems.

Here are a few ways Scan2PMS can help mitigate staffing issues.

Speeds up the check-in process 

Hotels often have a new guest arriving every few minutes. With line-ups forming, Scan2PMS can help streamline the check-in process by avoiding the need to manually enter each guest's data into a property management system.

With the ability to scan IDs, the staff is freed up to handle other guest requests during peak hours rather than having them spend time entering data into computers.

Improves the quality of your data

ID errors are expensive for hotels that are liable for false chargeback claims or name misspellings on credit card forms. Scan2PMS eliminates this liability and protects your brand by scanning IDs and eliminating error rates.

Provide the security of saving a copy of the ID

In today’s digital world, people are more conscious of their privacy. If a guest needs to reference their ID during check-in or for another reason, Scan2PMS can save a copy of the ID for your records.

Learn more about Scan2PMS >>

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Mobile Printing for Hotels

Mobile printing enables guests to print directly from their mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to designated printers at your property, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. This is especially helpful when a line is forming, making guests feel more valued and allowing staff to assist with additional needs. Best of all, TTI's mobile cloud printing solutions are secure, confidential, and easy to use with no hotel assistance.

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Hotel Lobby Computers & Tablets

Adding lobby computers and tablets not only offers guests the opportunity to travel lighter but they can also be preloaded with hotel information and details about local restaurants and attractions. No need to bog down your front desk staff with those types of requests.  We help you customize this.

Here at TTI, our lobby computer & tablet options are:

  • Safe and secure software to protect your guest's information
  • Customized to your hotel to sell your amenities not our company
  • The best support in the industry

There are more than 1.7 million hospitality industry job openings across the United States on any given day. About 60 percent of these jobs are in hotels.

While hotel managers and hotel owners should continue to keep employees satisfied, technology may be able to help your hotel stay ahead of staff shortages. While also creating efficiencies and therefore saving your property money down the road.

Main photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System on Unsplash

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