The Many Functions of Hotel Lobby Computers

Learn how hotel lobby computers are revolutionizing the hospitality industry

Beyond Email and Boarding Passes

When you think of hotel lobby computers, you might picture outdated machines that are only good for checking your email or printing out your boarding pass. But in reality, these computers are so much more than that.

With the right hotel business center software, these often overlooked machines can be used for various tasks, from helping you plan your next business presentation to checking out the local attractions. As a hotel manager, you can ensure your hotel lobby computers provide guests with a wealth of information and services. 

Here are Some Of The Innovative Ways Hotel Lobby Computers are Being Used

Local Attractions

Whether looking for restaurants or entertainment options, guests can access local listings and reviews from the hotel lobby computer. This way, they can easily find out what to do during their stay in the area.

Tip: Hotels can promote local establishments and even work out a commission type of arrangement. More here: Is a Hotel's Business Center Also The Concierge?

Online Research

Guests can easily access research websites and databases while on the go. Whether they need to check stock prices or look up information about a local attraction, hotel lobby computers provide them with the necessary tools.

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Business Travel Solutions

Guests can leave their laptops behind, knowing the hotel has an upscale business center. 

Business Presentation Preparation

The computers in the business centers are often equipped with presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, making it easy for you to quickly prepare and practice your presentation before hitting the conference room.

Video Conferencing

Many hotels are now offering video conferencing capabilities right in the lobby. This allows business travelers to communicate with colleagues and customers, even if they’re halfway across the world. (Most computers are set to 30-45 minutes)

Google Maps

Often, business travelers aren’t familiar with the area they are visiting. Fortunately, hotel lobby computers allow guests access to Google Maps, allowing them to print out directions to navigate the city and find their destination easily.

In today’s digital world, hotel lobby computers are increasingly becoming essential to the guest experience. From leisure to business travel, these machines provide guests with the tools to make their stay more comfortable and efficient.

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