Is a Hotel's Business Center Also The Concierge?

How a Hotel's Business Center is Also the Concierge

The hotel’s business center has entered a new age.

Today, business travelers and even tourists expect something above and beyond small, multi-purpose meeting rooms off the hotel lobby equipped with desktop computers and printers. Driven by consumer desires for new experiences, there's a need to integrate traditional business center services with cutting-edge technologies.

The rise of the on-demand, instant gratification economy means guests want to curate their hotel experience. So if you want to enhance guest experiences, your business center must double up as a digital concierge.

A hotel's business center is a great resource for guests looking to get some work done while away from the office. But did you know that the business center can also double as the concierge?

The Art of Service: Transforming the Hotel Business Center

To create the white-glove level of service designed to elicit brand loyalty, you must merge your business center and concierge services.

Hotel concierges are known for being emotionally intuitive, observant, and proactive. Their purpose is to anticipate what a guest needs and find ways to make their stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Modern hoteliers are leaning into technology to replicate the experience for the guest.

Let’s look at some of TTI's hotel technology solutions to help you achieve these goals.

Virtual Front Desk

A Virtual Front Desk delivers a unique check-in experience with a compact, easy-to-use human-assisted kiosk. Guest information is accurately collected, securely stored, and easily accessible for the life of the stay. This offers security for both the hotels and the guests.

We recently partnered with Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk solution. Learn more about our hospitality technology partnership here >>

Lobby Tablet

A Lobby Tablet provides hotel staff with an interactive hotel directory, allowing them to upsell hotel services and amenities, and provide local dining and entertainment recommendations to guests.

Lobby tablets are essential to the hotel business center because they provide hotel staff with an interactive hotel directory. This allows them to upsell hotel services and amenities and provide guests local dining and entertainment recommendations.

The Lobby Tablet is a great way for hoteliers to increase revenues and enhance the guest experience.

For example:

  1. Hotels can upsell their restaurants or spas.
  2. They can promote local establishments and even work out a commission type of arrangement.
  3. Upsell their rooms or specials.
  4. Include a link to any type of brand or their own reward program.

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Boarding Pass Station Software

The software used at Boarding Pass Station - such as what we use here at TTI - allows passengers to check in to their flights and print their boarding passes for a future flight. The program is updated regularly to ensure that all major international airlines' check-in options are available.

Printing Services

Business Center computers can print documents such as boarding passes and tickets for guests. This is a convenient service for those who may have forgotten to print these items before their trip.

It's important to remember that the business center is not just for business travelers. Any hotel guest can use the services offered in the business center, making it a great resource for all.

The Bottom Line

It’s really all about your guests. The goal is to use technology to streamline every touchpoint of your business center so your guests can focus on the business at hand. TTI Technologies offers state-of-the-art solutions for your hotel Business Center with the flexibility to have either PC, MAC, or tablet to meet your property’s needs.

Looking to enhance your hotel's business center? TTI has the solutions you need to create a modern, digital concierge experience for your guests. Contact us today to learn more.

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