TTI Premier? Hotel Business Center Enhanced

Renewed purpose and added value to the hotel business center.

For years, our managed hotel business center software solutions have fit the growing needs of properties worldwide. TTI places power in the hands of our clients with tools to provide concierge services and advertising revenue.

TTI Technologies is a Marriott and IHG-approved vendor that has met brand requirements for virtually all major brands, including independent hotels with VIP support, fast installation, and flat-rate pricing. 

Upgrade Your Lobby Computer Solution with TTI Premier

TTI Premier is our most advanced hotel business center software solution suite, and it’s recently been upgraded. It features a cutting-edge technology platform and an array of new, innovative features for hoteliers to take their business centers and guest services to the next level.

This lobby computer solution also provides hoteliers with complete statistics on business center usage and gives instant control of messages, links, and pictures. It also offers quick access to all popular social network sites and uses the splash page as digital signage.

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Premier Advantages

  • Allows hotel personnel to assign a General Password (similar to Wi-Fi) that can restrict access to guests and keep walk-ins from using it for free. 
  • You can create as many codes at a time as needed so you can have different codes for different lengths of usage time on the computer and have them only work during a specific time window—a great way to provide an extra benefit to VIP guests. 
  • You can even create “one-time” codes that only have a certain amount of usage time on them, and when that expires, it can’t be used again. Perfect for one-time exceptions or selling to people for extra usage.
  • Offers each hotel the ability to edit splash page: change pictures, quick links, or update special messages on their own
  • Ads and Announcements can be changed at your convenience
  • Customize the splash page with different fonts, colors, backgrounds
  • Equipment Status – web portal allows a quick look at the status of equipment online/offline
  • Manage an unlimited number of computers from the same portal, so you can easily manage all your locations
  • Statistics include the number of sessions per computer, average session time, number of printed pages, and which quick links are most often used

Why TTI Premier?


Hotels do not want the liability of guests using an unsecured public computer which possibly exposes their information and documents to other guests. 

TTI Premier's software ensures computers are wiped clean between each user. We also install content filtering and anti-virus protection to ensure that guest usage on any given computer is safe and secure. 

All this combined protects the regular user and your property from anyone installing certain programs like key loggers and other malicious software.

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Guest Usability & Satisfaction

Another reason our clients love TTI Premier is for guest useability and satisfaction. 

With an unmanaged computer, you likely encounter guests changing any settings or anything else which may negatively impact the following user. 

Using our software and services ensures every guest has the same great experience and gets exactly what they need out of your business center. 

Our proactive support helps limit guests trying to use the business center only to run into a potential issue that brings down guest satisfaction, potentially leading to negative reviews or trying a different hotel on their next visit.

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Marketing Opportunities

Lastly, TTI Premier offers the ability to market and promote your amenities and partners to your guests since our software functions as a lite digital signage system. 

You can direct guests to specific sites through quick links and use the rotating images and text on the software to promote certain features of your hotel.

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We are proud to offer TTI Premier as our most comprehensive solution yet. Our commitment to being the best in the industry has never been more significant, and we are here to provide service and support for all of your hotel business center needs.

Experience the power of TTI Premier today and see how it can revolutionize your business center.

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