Hotel Digital Concierge? (A Hotel Necessity)

The hospitality industry is ever-changing and evolving. To keep up with the times, hotels must meet the demands of their guests with modern services and amenities. One such service that is becoming increasingly popular is a hotel digital concierge.

A digital concierge is a software application designed to help hotel guests with various needs and tasks while taking pressure off front desk staff - an essential benefit while many properties struggle with staff shortages.

With an all-inclusive digital concierge, your hotel guests will have fingertip access to local events, establishments, and restaurants. This interactive display provides on-demand information that is perfect for self-serve service.

What is a Hotel Digital Concierge?

TTI Premier's digital concierge software brings added value to the hotel business center. It offers guests a convenient way to find out information about the hotel and its amenities and book services.

The Benefits of Hotel Digital Concierge Software and Reasons to Consider the Upgrade

There are many benefits of having a digital concierge in your hotel. First, it saves time for both guests and staff. Guests can check in using the hotel's app, which can be set up on the screen.

Second, it increases revenue for the hotel by upselling guests on higher-end room packages and through a direct connection to affiliate partners.

Third, it enhances the guest experience by providing a convenient way to get the information they need about the hotel, its amenities, and nearby attractions.

Digital concierges are becoming increasingly popular in hotels around the world. If you're considering upgrading the hotel business center at your property, discover additional benefits below.

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Saves Time for Guests and Staff Alike

One of the biggest benefits of having digital concierge software on your hotel computers and lobby tablets is that it saves time for both guests and staff by reducing front desk inquiries.

For staff, having a digital concierge means they can spend less time answering basic questions from guests and more time focusing on providing excellent customer service.

Reduces Costs

Since guests can book their services via the digital concierge, staff will make fewer mistakes when taking manual bookings over the phone or in person.

Hotels could also profit from an affiliate program with local restaurants and attractions.

Improves Guest Experience

A digital concierge also enhances the guest experience by providing a convenient way to get the information they need about the hotel and its amenities.

Guests can easily find out about nearby attractions, dining options, and transportation without having to search multiple website tabs or ask a staff member.

Plus, they can book services directly through the digital concierge without waiting in line or making multiple phone calls.

Digital Concierge for Hotels: Software from TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies is proud to offer concierge software to existing and future clients.

Enhancements include:

  • Complete statistics on business center usage
  • Instant control of messages, links, and pictures
  • Quick Access to all popular social network sites
  • Use the splash page as digital signage 

Premier Advantages:

  • Allows hotel personnel to assign a General Password (similar to Wi-Fi) that can restrict access to guests and keep walk-ins from using for free. You can create as many codes at a time as needed so you can have different codes for different lengths of usage time on the computer and have them only work during a certain time window. A great way to provide an extra benefit to VIP guests. You can even create “one-time” codes that only have a certain amount of usage time on it, and when that expires, it can’t be used again. Perfect for one-time exceptions or selling to people for extra usage.
  • Offers each hotel the ability to edit splash page: change pictures, quick links or update special messages on their own
  • Ads and Announcements can be changed at your convenience
  • Customize desktop with different fonts, colors, backgrounds
  • Equipment Status – web portal allows quick look at status of equipment on-line/off-line
  • Manage an unlimited number computers from the same portal, so you can easily manage all your locations
  • Statistics includes # of sessions per computer, average session time, # printed pages, application usage

TTI offers: Unparalleled 24/7 Support, Service, Flexible Implementation Plans Compatible with Windows and Mac 

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Common Questions about Hotel Digital Concierges

Will digital concierges replace human concierges?

Digital concierges will not completely replace human concierges. Human interaction will always be needed, especially regarding complex requests or issues.

Hotel owners will find increased customer satisfaction and a decrease in hotel staff turnover.

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Are digital concierges available 24/7?

Yes, digital concierges are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the benefits of having a digital concierge in your hotel is that guests can get the information they need at any time, day or night.

Do digital concierges require training?

Yes, staff must be trained to use the digital concierge system. However, the training is typically not very difficult or time-consuming.

Why do hotels use digital concierges?

Hotels use digital concierges to improve the guest experience and save time for both guests and staff. Additionally, digital concierges can reduce hotel costs by reducing the need for extra staff.

What is digital signage in hotels?

Digital signage in hotels is a technology that allows guests to access information about the hotel and its amenities. The software is installed in the hotel business center and typically located in high-traffic areas, such as the lobby or near the front desk. It can promote special offers, provide directions, or answer frequently asked questions.

If you want to upgrade your hotel business center with concierge software, TTI offers unparalleled 24/7 support and service, flexible implementation plans compatible with Windows and Mac, and much more. Reach out to us today to learn more about how TTI can help your hotel business succeed.

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