TTI Tech & Aavgo - Virtual Front Desk Solution

Innovative Virtual Front Desk Solution

New York, NY, November 16, 2021: Leading ID scanner solution provider TTI Technologies announced their exclusive partnership with aavgo, the world's first contactless, human-assisted Virtual Front Desk. Together, TTI Technologies and aavgo have constructed the world's simplest identification virtual check-in process for hotels in an effort to combat identity theft, increase security in customer support, and improve overall efficiency.

Aavgo's Virtual Front Desk is all about streamlining the guest experience, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing workload for staff.  The virtual front desk solution is designed to deliver a unique check-in experience with a compact and easy-to-use human-assisted kiosk. Aavgo’s cloud-based guest experience app ensures guests can do mobile check-in or bypass the check-in line and go directly to their room.

"We are so excited to be working with TTI Technologies to deliver the benefits of our innovative technology," said Mrunal Desai, aavgo CEO. "There has been a massive demand for the Virtual Front Desk with orders stacked until the end of the year. TTI Technologies is a forward-thinking business focused on the future of the hotel industry."

The Virtual Front Desk provides hotels an end-to-end 360° platform for a better guest experience and operational efficiency. The 360° platform includes the screen, desk, guest experience app, staff operations platform, and panic button. 

TTI's ID scanner integration scans driver's licenses, government IDs, and passports, offering fast and reliable OCR data collection. TTI's scanning technology quickly scans the information on Driver's Licenses or Government IDs from all over the world and accurately fills into the Property Management System (PMS), saving a picture of the ID.

"We are incredibly excited to be a part of the growth of aavgo's Virtual Front Desk solutions," said Steve Blidner, CEO of TTI Technologies. "As staffing shortages in the hotel industry continue, we understand the importance of utilizing technology as a solution not only for hoteliers but for guests as well. By partnering, TTI and aavgo are building hospitality solutions that will ultimately provide hoteliers with an efficient, cost-effective way to support the guest experience while saving valuable internal resources."

TTI and aavgo together are ensuring that guest information is accurately collected, securely stored, and easily accessible for the life of the stay. TTI's ID scanning solution allows hotels to efficiently manage their license data, process check-in, or integrate with third-party systems.

About TTI

TTI Technologies, based in New York City, has been innovating technology in the hospitality industry for thirty years. TTI Technologies takes pride in delivering global hospitality technology solutions that bridge the gap between technology and human interaction to allow your staff focus on serving guests. Sample technology solutions include ID/passport scanners, business centers, mobile printing, lobby tablets, and in room devices. All customizable to your venue. For more information, visit their website, follow them on LinkedIn or call at 646-218-2700.

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