The Unique Strengths of Family-Owned Businesses in Hospitality Technology

How do you navigate the unpredictable tides of the hospitality technology industry? 

As a hotel manager or an IT department head, understanding the unique strengths of family-owned entities can be crucial in making informed decisions about your technology partnerships.

Family-owned businesses, like TTI Technologies, founded by Steve Blidner in 1991, stand as pillars of stability and tradition in this ever-evolving field. 

Let’s explore how choosing a family-owned business for hospitality technology can make your job easier and provide a higher ROI for your property.

The Foundation of Family-Owned Businesses in Hospitality Technology

The lineage of family-owned companies in hospitality technology, exemplified by TTI Technologies, dates back to the industry's inception. 

As the sector evolved, these enterprises transitioned from manual systems to pioneering sophisticated technologies. These businesses often begin as small-scale operations, where founders blend a passion for hospitality with technological expertise. 

Steve Blidner's journey from assembling payphones in his living room to expanding into business centers, mobile printing, and ID scanners underscores family-owned startups' deep-rooted understanding of the industry's nuances, much like TTI’s humble beginnings as a part-time venture setting up payphones for hotels. 

TTI's adaptability in shifting towards business center computers and pioneering public internet access in hotels epitomizes the dynamic evolution of such family businesses.

Core Values of Family-Owned Companies: A Guide for Hotel Managers

As a hotel manager or someone leading an IT department, understanding the core values of family-owned businesses can be pivotal. 

These values include:

  • Long-Term Commitment: Focusing on sustainability and lasting impact rather than short-term gains.
  • Trust and Personal Relationships: Building enduring relationships with employees, customers, and partners.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Quickly adapting to industry changes and customer needs.

Family-owned businesses are founded on these principles, which often lead to sustainable practices, high customer loyalty, and innovative solutions that keep pace with market trends.

TTI has consistently followed these principles, with their constant evolution, demonstrated through growth (such as when Steve brought on his son, Neil, in 2004) and on trend-setting projects like AI chat bots for future business centers. 


tti technologies

Personalized Customer Relationships: A Key Differentiator

Have you ever called your technology vendor only to get lost in an impersonal web of phone tag?

Oftentimes, “big box” hospitality vendors have grown too big to keep a personalized customer experience. 

By their very nature, a family-owned technology company alleviates the frustration of quickly finding a solution to your challenges. 

Here's why:

  • Personal Touch in Customer Service: These businesses offer tailored solutions, addressing customer concerns promptly and making each client feel genuinely valued.
  • Responsive and Personalized Problem-Solving: An anecdote from a small inn illustrates the rapid and dedicated response a family-owned tech supplier can provide in times of crisis.
  • Understanding Customers: Engaging with family-owned businesses often leads to deeper understanding of customer needs, fostering loyalty and trust.

The personal touch of a family-owned hospitality vendor, such as TTI Technologies, is invaluable. Their journey from a solo operation to a robust staff, as shared by Steve and Neil reflect on their dedication to personalized service and responsiveness. This approach results in tailored solutions and a deep understanding of customer needs, fostering loyalty and trust.

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Embrace the Family-Owned Advantage

For those in the hospitality sector, choosing a family-owned technology partner means opting for a relationship-based approach characterized by personalized service, tailored solutions, and an overarching commitment that transcends mere business transactions. 

This partnership can result in a more fulfilling and successful collaboration, crucial in an industry where a personal touch can make a significant difference.

As you navigate the complexities of hospitality technology, consider the unique strengths of family-owned businesses like TTI Technologies. Their blend of tradition, innovation, and personalized service might be the key to elevating your hotel's technological capabilities.

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