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Getting to Know the People of TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies has built a solid foundation with talented team members who work in harmony to obtain powerful goals. With a team committed to providing value-added services and a leading-edge approach, TTI is able to assist customers with all of their needs.

Each day, the team members of TTI Technologies arrive at work focused and ready to provide world-class support. The company has a family-oriented culture that is built on mutual respect. This supportive environment helps everyone succeed.

This month, we would like to introduce you to some of the key members of our team who make TTI the great company it is today.

Meet Juanita Andrade - Newest Member of the TTI Technologies Team 

We're thrilled to announce the addition of Juanita Andrade to the TTI team. Juanita is joining us as the executive sales assistant to Tim Doxzen, VP of Sales.

At TTI we understand the importance excellent service plays in repeat business and take pride in knowing our dedication contributes to the success of our customers. Juanita is service-oriented sales professional.

Born and raised in New York, Juanita currently lives on Long Island with her husband and three Boston Terriers. She and her husband enjoy visiting the wineries and vineyards in the area during their free time. When Juanita is not working - which, she has admitted she loves doing - she is a pretty serious baker. We can attest to the fact that her baking skills are top-notch!

When asked why she wanted to be a part of TTI Technologies, Juanita said,  "I have known Steve Blidner for about 20 years, and we've always had a great relationship. When I heard they were hiring an executive sales assistant, I jumped at the opportunity. This is a family-owned company and their commitment to their customers is really impressive. There’s loyalty there. I honestly have never experienced a company with such a level of customer service focus."

We are confident Juanita will be a valuable asset to the TTI team and our customers.

Get the Know the Rest of the TTI Team

We believe that the people involved with empowering your guests through self-service applications make all the difference, and our executive team is with you. If you haven't already, meet the rest of the team here!

Steve Blidner, Founder & CEO

As CEO and founder, Steve guides TTI’s overall strategy, annual goals, and objectives. His background includes more than 40 years in the self-service industry with a track record of leading startup companies to success.

Having been raised in the industry through his father’s business, Steve took over sales and operations for the company at the age of 25. Five years later, he executed a merger with a NY-based company and then sold to one of the largest industry competitors, which operated more than 40,000 units. As part of the transition, Steve joined as Sales Manager for the tri-state NY area and was onboard for eight years.

Steve launched TTI in 1991 as a telecommunications and Internet provider. He has since grown the company by offering more than a dozen solutions – all of which were developed by listening to customers’ needs in their quest for operational efficiency.

Through Steve’s leadership, TTI was one of the first to install public Internet kiosks in the NY area. Steve’s passion for customer service and integrity are evident as he interacts with customers on a daily basis to ensure complete satisfaction.

Alex Lerner,  CTO

As President and CTO, Alex is responsible for the strategic direction, research, and management of TTI’s intellectual property. He works closely with TTI’s customers to analyze current processes and identify innovative technology to improve operational procedures. He also oversees software, hardware, and interface development and ensures successful field deployment.

Alex joined TTI in 2004 following the acquisition of Public Internet eXchange (PIX) where he served as the CTO. PIX provided easy-to-use, high-performance Internet Kiosks for public venues including coffee houses, hotels, and transit locations. Prior to PIX, Alex was the Vice President of Operations for Golden Screen, the leading out-of-home Internet-based self-service provider. Golden Screen started activity in the United States in 1995, and by the end of 2000, was the sole provider of internet kiosks for the city of NY.

Alex has a Practical Engineer degree in Physics and more than 15 plus years of product, architecture and business development. With a primary focus on guest-facing solutions, Alex is uniquely positioned to lead TTI’s technology directive.

Neil Blidner, VP Operations

Neil oversees operations working hand-in-hand with the service department to streamline TTI’s installation scheduling and customer support. He is committed to putting the customer first and providing efficient service for clients and their guests.

Neil began working at TTI in 2004 as a business center and internet kiosk field technician and later earned several promotions due to his hard work and ethics. Prior to TTI, Neil held positions in both the retail and finance industries.

Neil is a 2004 cum laude graduate of the University of Albany (N.Y.). His degree is in business administration with a split concentration in marketing and management and a minor in economics.

Tim Doxzon, Vice President of Sales

Tim joined the company as Vice President of Sales to expand TTI’s solutions throughout the hospitality industry. His 25-plus years of experience as a Sales Manager and Key Account salesman traveling throughout the US, is representative of his ability and willingness to build relationships and meet with customers and partners to achieve common goals. His focus on customer service and follow-through dovetails well with the business philosophy at TTI.

Beginning his career with American Home Products (a Fortune 50 Company), where his last position was Eastern Region Manager for Institutional Sales, he took over the biggest accounts in the US for other consumer products firms like Philips Electronics. Velcro and Home Products International. Tim is a frequent traveler that uses a consultative approach to selling. His customers know him as the salesman that returns calls promptly and can be counted on to follow through with requests. Already a member of HTLA, he is looking forward to joining associations that reflect the passions of the hospitality industry.

When you work with TTI Technologies, you can be sure that you're working with a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the best possible service. That's why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their services. They'll make it right if you're not happy with their work.

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