Avoiding the Hotel Tech Support Nightmare

As a hotel owner or manager, you understand better than anyone the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. But what happens when one of your key vendors lets you down?

Unfortunately, it's all too familiar for hoteliers to deal with shoddy support from their tech vendors.

Whether it's long wait times for customer service, unresponsive email support, or a total lack of phone support, inadequate vendor support can seriously impact your business.

With some insight from account executive, Juanita Andrade, let's dive into the hotel tech support nightmare and explore why it's crucial to get the right tech company behind you.

Bad Hotel Tech Support from Vendors?

Here are a few ways that insufficient vendor support can hurt your hotel.

It wastes your time.

When you're trying to run a hotel, the last thing you have time for is getting in touch with a vendor who doesn't care about your problem. You shouldn't waste time chasing down customer service when something goes wrong.

Additionally, working with more prominent hotel tech companies with high employee turnover takes time for new reps to relearn your account.

Time is money.

It causes service disruptions.

If your hotel's business center is experiencing glitches or your ID scanners crash, every minute that it takes to get things up and running again costs you money. Bad vendor support can cause major service disruptions, leading to lost revenue and unhappy guests.

Juanita says, "you shouldn't have to wait for something to completely collapse before solving the underlying issue."

TTI remotely monitors systems to ensure all systems are running smoothly. 

It makes it hard to scale.

As your hotel grows, you'll need to upgrade your tech infrastructure to meet the demands of your business. But if your vendor doesn't offer the support you need to make the transition smooth, it can be a significant headache.

It hurts your reputation.

In the hospitality industry, your reputation is everything. If guests have a bad experience at your hotel because of a technical issue, they will not hesitate to leave a negative review. And once that review is out there, it can be hard to recover.

It's just plain frustrating.

Running a hotel is hard enough without dealing with vendors who don't care about your business. When you're already dealing with a million things on your plate, bad vendor support can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Unresponsive support. Pushy upsells.
No help when you need it?

There's something better. Reach out to discover how TTI Technologies is different.

Common misconceptions about hotel tech support

The biggest misconception about hotel technology companies is that many think bigger, well-known companies are better.

Juanita says, "A bigger company doesn't necessarily mean that they can provide you with the service and support needed to run a successful business. Often a more prominent company  will have longer wait times, less attentive customer service representatives, and are less nimble."

Another misconception is that many people think support is reactive instead of proactive.

"If you have a great support experience," Juanita shares, "it means that you're proactively monitoring all systems so that a small issue is dealt with before anyone even knows about it."

Here’s How TTI Technologies is Different

At TTI Technologies, customer service is our passion.

TTI has built a solid foundation through our talented team members, who work harmoniously to provide exceptional products and service. Thousands of companies worldwide depend on TTI’s intuitive solutions to help empower the hospitality industry.

Our team is committed to your success. We believe that the people involved with empowering your guests through self-service applications make all the difference, and our executive team is with you all the way.

Juanita says, "we hear these disturbing stories about hotels using other tech companies with something simple to be fixed. It takes them hours to get someone on the line. And when it comes to solving the issue, weeks, not days.

That's what makes a family-run, family-owned type business like TTI more valuable to a hotel because the reputation of the company is backed by the service and support we put out there.

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If you're dealing with bad vendor support, it's time to take a stand. Your hotel business deserves better. Look for a vendor that values your business and is committed to providing the best possible customer experience. It will make a world of difference for your business.

Ready for a different support experience for your hotel? Let’s chat! 

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